Friday, August 26, 2011


Waaahhhhh!!! (ambil penyapu buang sawang!)

Maaf zahir batin kerana menyumbang ke arah pengabaian blog ini! (_ _')

Akan tulis di sini dan tidak lagi menganak tirikan ia. Janji. Saya janji! Tapi bukan hari ini.

Selamat hari raya kawan-kawan! Semoga Ramadhan dan Syawal kali ini lebih meriah dan barakah.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Law 20 - revive!

Dear Ms. Admin a.k.a Cik Farhati,
please grant me access to this blog, i wanna change the template badly ^_^

Hi hi,

surprise surprise girls
dah lama blog ni tidur
Really, last update was in April 2008! Man, that was 3 years ago!
Aku perasan semula kewujudan blog ni pon, lepas silap update status blog on my blog list. I saw a new post entry for this blog from shuey, which turned out to be a new entry on her personal blog!

3 years passed and many things have changed.
Status, job, circumstances.

Seronok bila ingat balik how fun we were when we were still in UIA
(we still are a fun bunch) cuma sekarang semua dah sibuk dengan commitment hidup masing, jadi tak sempat nak kerap hang out macam dulu

yes, yes,
memang aku tengah tak de kerja,
lepas sahur tak boleh nak lelap... dah update blog sendiri, dah habis baca news, dah menyampah tengok facebook, sebab tu mengacau-ganggu di sini :)

p/s: Atie.... buleh tak grant access untuk; account yang ni aku jarang guna la....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dear ladies,

Due to popular demand (read: gian!), I strongly believe (emphasis added) that we should recommence our futsal session.

Can anyone scout for a new port?

Friday, March 28, 2008

sasha's turned quarter century!!=)

i know i's almost a week since the party.apologies for uploading the photos late.impatient lots u guys are just like moi when it comes to pictures.ngeee.i've uploaded it on facebook or you guys can click here for a quicker view. enjoy 'em!!

to the Law 20 March babies, Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Quote from muna, "one after another tragedies struck Law 20"

As we are all aware now that 2 of our Law 20 mates have loss someone very dear to their hearts. Their own flesh and blood.

Mar, baby izz.
Hida, her eldest sister.

One thing that i'm proud of Law 20 is the fact that no matter how segregrated we are or how far apart we are. No matter how ugly catty fights we get into. No matter how misunderstood we can get with each other's behaviour. We're still together as one and nothing can change that.

In both happiness and sorrowness. It's as if there's a silent agreement entered by all of us. Without us knowing. Without us realizing.

Hence, to Mar and Hida. Know that we're all here for you guys; shoulder to cry on or anything for that matter. We're only a phone call away. We love you guys both.

Al-Fatihah to the loss ones.

Monday, February 25, 2008

futsal 4th session: the picture!!!

4TH SESSION - 24-02-2008

Or Five A Side, as they call it in England.
I think we'd better stick to Futsal lah, since we played more like Four A Side.
And we're independent lot need to go all Queen's English lah now. No matter how much they claim they invented the game.

Attendees :

Team A
  1. Atie
  2. Anak pakcik Rosman (Nadira, that is)
  3. Aja
  4. Nik Waheeda
Team B

  1. Shuey
  2. Ayu
  3. Zaza
  4. Myself
Tak aciiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! Team A all Grade A amateurs. And Atie pooled all of them in one team. Against us. I was a first timer so I was kinda kaki bangku. More of a burden to the team than a help lah. But I managed a few saves being a keeper. Hehehe... *sheepish grin* All good luck je ...

It's uber fun.
If you don't count Atie & myself falling flat on our arses, me feeling temporarily retarded and blind after my forehead got smashed with the football kicked hard by anak pakcik Rosman (no hard feelings. All in the name of the beautiful game) and Shuey's back receiving the football hard.
Hmmm...thinking about it again, that's what made it uber fun. All those fits and misfits.

And the guys watching closely to the point of ogling from the adjoining court, well, they stayed until the end of our game.
Not flattering but what could we do?
It's hard to ward off admirers if you are born gorgeous.
Just enjoy the attentions lah then.

After an hour, (almost) everyone went semput and tomato red in the face. Not sure whether it's all the energy used and toxins flushed out or the blush result of following stares from the males. Could be both. Haha.

Anyway, enough jabbering.
Hope to see you lasses again in a week or so!!

(Gambar tade. Waiting for Miss Ayu to distribute)

(My kaki all sakit-sakit as of this is written)

Friday, February 8, 2008

030208-Futsal's 3rd session

go zaza go!!

grabbed the pic from ayu's friendster...12 attendees- atie, ayu, aja, nik, zaza, sasha, shuey, aliza,farhana, nad, izyan (kwn atie), ain (kwn zaza) and it was extremely fun n happening!Tak tau dah nak komen apa,but with aliza around, the game was utterly havoc..does anyone remember which team got the highest score?

let's kick off again,just ignore the pain,the sengal2 and the bruises..;p..see u gals probably next week(the mastermind, atie will re-confirm later)..don't hesitate to bring yr friends along..the more the merrier..;)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

futsal-2nd session...

Rest jap..After the 2nd part of the game...ayu,aja,atie,zaza,hida n nad..

Just adding the pic for the last sunday futsal session..datangla beramai2 dis week @ Sunway Extreme as usual..semput wei 3 orgje main satu team..;)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Futsal 270108

Futsal 2nd session.

Attendees: Atie, Nadira, Hida, Aja, Zaza, Ayu



Next session will be on this coming Sunday. 3 February 2008. 11 a.m. PLEASE join. Kalau tak, kitorang je laa yang fit. Haha.. =P